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Contracting can place you in control and maximise your earnings but it can be a long and lonely road, fraught with red tape and administration. With Principal Contractors you won't be alone. We'll be with you to help run your limited company and take away the uncertainty and headaches that having your own business can present. Our clients take comfort in the knowledge that they have the support and strength of a large professional team behind them. 

Our Contractor Specialists value your time and act fast to ensure that you are able to enjoy the benefits of limited company status in days, not weeks! The simple 3 step set-up process has attracted thousands of contractors in similar situations to your own, with our service tailored to match their exact limited company requirements. They can (and do) testify to the professional yet flexible service that should enable all new clients to feel completely confident in the smooth running of their business.

The Benefits

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  • Expert Support
  • Total Flexibility
  • Agency Friendly
  • Regular Contract Review for IR35 risk

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"The service is always professional and the financial advantages are real. "
Jenny, Project Manager, Warwick
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